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Natural Rain Water

Through Rob’s Eyes is another one of my “Rob’s Loves”…an endless list of things within the culinary world that intrigue me. Today, it’s rain water. Did you ever wonder why rain water is so beneficial to us and all living matter on earth? Or, where the expression “raining cats & […]


Healthy Craving: Banana & Grapes Smoothie

As you know, I frequently have middle of the night cravings. This time I wanted a delicious and healthy Smoothie! So…raiding the refrigerator I found some sweet dark grapes. And in our fruit basket, there were two overripe bananas. The 3rd ingredient was back in the fridge and a little […]


Vortex Breakfast!

Today’s “Vortex” Breakfast was indeed a spur of the moment urge to record the sunrise on this day January 29, 2019…a fridge morning in the low 40s that prompted me to warm myself with a hot plate of fresh scrambled eggs with chives from my garden along with sauteed fresh […]


Rob’s Loves

Essentially, Rob’s Loves is a potpourri of all things I love doing, the intriguing people who’ve enriched my life, and the long list of curiosities I want to learn more about. In one way or another, they all relate creativity to food…from gardening to cooking, grocery shopping to entertaining, and […]