Mixed Berry Tiramisu

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I’m sure most of you have had the classic tiramisu served at any Italian restaurant – made with lady fingers, soaked in coffee and rum with a mascarpone cheese filling and topped with a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder.  Two of the best I have tasted are from a small Italian market in East Rochester, NY and a spectacular tiramisu served at DeRomo’s Gourmet Restaurant & Market in Bonita Springs, FL.

Many years ago I found a mixed berry version in Bon Appetit Magazine and since all kinds of berries were plentiful in early summer in Upstate New York,  I thought I would give it a try.  SUCCESS!  I served it at a family picnic and everyone accused me of buying it from a bakery.

Our daughter, Jennifer has a birthday in late November and this is the dessert she always chooses for her special day.  Unfortunately, the price of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are expensive in November, but what the birthday girl requested; the birthday girl got!

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  • 2 12-ounce packages unsweetened frozen mixed berries (strawberry, blueberry and raspberry)

  • 12 tablespoons sugar

  • 1 cup raspberry syrup

  • 1/2 cup raspberry liqueur

  • 1/2 cup simple syrup

  • 3 4.4-ounce packages of Ladyfinger biscuits (approximately 4-inches long)

  • 3 8-ounce containers mascarpone cheese

  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • 1 1-pint basket fresh strawberries, hulled

  • 2 1/2 pint baskets raspberries

  • 1 1/2-pint basket blueberries


  • Cook frozen mixed berries and 6 tablespoons sugar in heavy medium saucepan over medium heat until mixture resembles jam and is reduced to 1 cup, stirring frequently, about 15 minutes. Cool jam mixture.
  • Mix together simple syrup, raspberry syrup and raspberry liqueur. Quickly dip Ladyfingers biscuits in syrup, turning to coat lightly. Place coated Ladyfingers against the side of the 9-inch springform pan. Dip more biscuits in syrup and arrange on bottom of the pan…covering completely.
  • In bowl, whisk mascarpone with 6 tablespoons sugar and vanilla to blend. Set aside. Thinly slice enough strawberries to measure 1/2 cup. Gently spread half of jam mixture over biscuits in bottom of pan. Spoon half of mascarpone mixture over; smooth top. Sprinkle with slice strawberries, 1/2 cup fresh raspberries and 1/2 cup fresh blueberries. Dip more biscuits into syrup; arrange over fruit in pan, covering completely and trimming to fit. Gently spread remaining jam mixture over biscuits. Spoon remaining mascarpone mixture over; smooth top. Cover; chill at least 4 hours or overnight.
  • Release pan sides. Transfer cake to platter. Arrange remaining fresh berries decoratively atop cake and serve.

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