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Tonchi Raljevic is a veteran American TV Director. His native country is Bolivia where he was a well-known celebrity game show host and political commentator.
Tami Bunnell Communications Manager at the C’MON Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, Florida is a fan of the educational and entertaining programming on
KN Lifestyle TV!
Scott Wilkins is a retired US Naval Officer who has sailed the seven seas! He is a gourmet, lover of tropical birds, and a fan of KN Lifestyle TV!
Ruth Manchester is a renowned American Chef and often appears alongside Rob Kircher on select episodes of the Great Neighborhood Cooks TV Show.
Francis J. Cuomo is the founder and CEO of the popular Deromo’s Gourmet Market and Restaurant culinary complex in Bonita Springs, New York and a fan of KN Lifestyle TV!
Lisa Malcolm is the youngest of eleven children and a talented Italian cook. She has appeared on several TV shows and frequently prepares amazing classic Italian meals for lucky dinner guests.
Jim Gerard is the owner of Kitchens By Ambiance in Bonita Springs Florida and a fan of the educational and entertaining programming on KN Lifestyle TV.