Grilled Lane Snapper

Citrus Chili Lane Snapper Grilled in Banana Leaves

As Rob previously mentioned we were at Week’s Fish Market in Bonita Springs & purchased a whole Lane Snapper. We have a friend, Chef Hector who had previously prepared snapper grilled in banana leaves in our outdoor kitchen.

Shrimp Ravioli Pasta - Great Neighborhood Cooks

Spinach Ravioli with Shrimp & Mushrooms in Garlic Cream Sauce

We had a crazy weekend & to be honest I didn’t feel like a trip to the grocery store yesterday.  I made up this recipe with the ingredients I had on-hand.  I don’t usually like packages ravioli but was pleasantly surprised at how good the RANA spinach ricotta ravioli was – light and flavorful!


Grilled Salmon with Orzo, Feta, and Red Wine Vinaigrette

It’s a great dish to prepare for a crowd.  The orzo salad can be made ahead of time and be served at room temperature.  At the last-minute grill salmon, toss orzo salad with spinach, top with grilled salmon and sprinkle with feta cheese and chives.  I’ve served this for dinner to 12 guests – Delicious & Easy

GRILLED OCTOPUS & VEGGIES - Great Neighborhood Cooks

Grilled Octopus and Veggies

We were at Week’s Fish Market earlier this week to pick up some fresh grouper & some of their salmon dip, smoked and made on premises.  Week’s is a hidden gem tucked into a strip mall in Old Bonita Springs.

CHEESY CRAB CUPS - Great Neighborhood Cooks

Cheesy Crab Cups

This recipe contains affiliate links to our favorite products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Rob and I love to entertain! And, one of our top ten most applauded appetizers are these cheesy crab cups! They’re easy to make. Look terrific! And, taste even better! […]