Professional Kitchen Designers

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This is Episode 3 in the KITCHEN DESIGNER series co-hosted by Jim Gerard, owner of Kitchens By Ambiance in Bonita Springs, Florida and Rob Kircher Culinary Food Personality. Today’s episode is all about how to choose the right kitchen designer for you. You’re in the driver’s seat! You interview the designer. Asks a kitchen load of questions. They need to be someone you enjoy speaking and working with. The chemistry has to be comfortable. And, they need to get to know you. How often do you cook? Do you want a drink station in your kitchen? How often do you entertain? Do you enjoy having family and friends congregating in the kitchen? What type of cabinets do you like? Do you like drawers or doors? And, so on! It’s all about your lifestyle! Your new kitchen should reflect your personality…who you are as a cook.


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