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Dateline: Tuesday, March 31st
I’m Stuck on the Nopal Cactus Subject

Here’s a quick update on my Nopal Cactus kick. As mentioned previously, I have been aware of the numerous benefits of the Nopal Cactus for a number of years. However, it’s only been a week or so since I’ve started drinking Nopal Cactus Smoothies in earnest. And, I’m please to report that not only am I feeling better with a noticeable increase in energy, but I’m also losing weight in the process.

Rob’s Nopal Cactus Smoothie Ingredients:
a) 3-4 small Nopal Cactus pads (Note: the baby ones in the attached photo)
b) 1 cup coconut water
c) 5-6 fresh parsley (stems included)
d) 3-4 medium-sized celery stalks 
e) handful of fresh spinach
f) handful of ice
Option: If you are a cilantro lover like I am, toss in 3-4 (stems included)


Dateline: Thursday, March 26th
Middle of the Night Nopal Cactus Smoothie…
An Incredible Super Vegetable!

I thought I would share how I prepare my morning Nopal Prickly Cactus Smoothie. Yes, Cactus Smoothie!

It’s loaded with these amazing Nopal Benefits:
Protects nerve cells
Contains antioxidants
Regulates blood sugar levels
Treats enlarged prostate
Reduces cholesterol
Eliminates hangovers.

Check Out the Video!

Dateline: Sunday March 22nd
I May Have Found My Long-Awaited Supper Veggie!
Nopalea cochinellifera(Noh-PAL–ee-uh koh-ken-ill-EE-fer-uh) sometimes called the cochineal cactus.

For many years, I’ve been promoting healthy lifestyles on my three TV Shows: Better Health Greater Wealth, Better Health Destination Florida, and my most recent show Great Neighborhood Cooks. And during that time, I struggled to be as healthy as possible. I lowered my salt content dramatically, cut way back on my sugar, added more seafood and vegetables to my diet, ate smaller helpings, and increased my exercise frequency. It was working! My blood work analytics improved with each doctor visit and my energy level improved tremendously.

That’s the good news. However, I still have nagging health issues that are driving me nuts; namely, inflammation in my right leg impacted by a relatively recent hip replacement, and neuropathy in both legs. I wear compression stockings to control the inflammation and walk more to help with the inflammation, but it’s just a band-aid. I want to eliminate these issues.

Now, here’s the ray of sunlight! I love gardening and planted three coconut trees for their yummy coconut water, and two Meyers Lemon trees (best lemon juice EVER), plus an array of herbs for daily cooking purposes. Along with these wonderful things, I also planted a Nopalea cochinellifera(Noh-PAL–ee-uh koh-ken-ill-EE-fer-uh) sometimes called the cochineal cactus. I knew the pads had a bunch of health benefits, but I didn’t delve into the subject until a few weeks ago. Well, unbeknown to me the possible solution to my two health issues may be growing just yards from my house! Here’s the published health benefits of the Nopal cactus. Source: Medical News Today
– Antiviral
– Protects nerve cells
– Contains antioxidants
– Regulates blood sugar levels
– Treats enlarged prostate
– Reduces cholesterol
– and, Eliminates hangovers

I just started harvesting the new growth pads yesterday. I gleefully gathered five plastic pails brimming with these beauties. Then, carefully scrapped the spines from each pad. I took half and cut them into cubes, boiled, thoroughly rinsed, and placed them quart-size freezer bags and put them in the freezer. Today, I’m going to grill the other half, cut them into strips and freeze them as well. I’ve already compiled dozens of amazing recipes, such as smoothies, appetizers, soups, and main courses. Only time will tell if I’ve actually found my long-awaited Super Veggie, but I can’t wait to start cooking! I’ll keep you posted