“The whole idea is different walks of life and cultural diversity,” says Rob Kircher, a seasoned producer and food personality who has created three cooking shows. His newest “Great Neighborhood Cooks” is filmed in people’s kitchens in what he calls “eavesdropping” style, where the viewer listens in on Kircher’s conversation with the cook.

“We’re cooking as we’re getting this person’s backstory,” he explains. “Nothing is scripted. It’s all off the cuff.”

Down the street, and around the corner!

Host and Executive Producer Rob Kircher visits the opulent neighborhoods of Naples and ordinary homes just “down the street or around the corner,” as he says in the show’s opener. Once, he even surprised a young family who lives aboard a 38-foot yacht harbored in Cape Coral. 

“The really fun part of this show is that we get to meet a lot of interesting people,” Kircher says. “It’s all walks of life and all styles of cooking.”

In each of the 26 half-hour episodes, Rob Kircher knocks on the doors of Southwest Florida’s unsung home cooks, uncovering the culinary talents of regular folks and bringing them into the spotlight on his TV show Great Neighborhood Cooks.

Rob Kircher, Executive Producer… Doing It All!

Rob Kircher buys airtime, sells ads, finds talent and produces a new half-hour TV Show each week highlighting cooks across SWFL!

Rob Kircher, Creator of “Great Neighborhood Cooks”

Show Producer chats with LJ Bury during a cooking session.

Chef Ruth Manchester & Creator Rob Kircher

Rob & Ruth taste Firefighters John Morrison and Trey Adcock’s dish.


Rob Kircher & Dr. Elizabeth Triana

Rob is a guest on the Dr. Elizabeth Triana Radio Show

Rob Kircher Executive Producer & Host


Watch Rob Kircher in Action

Former appliance saleman, now reverend & marriage counselor cook.

Busy working wife finds time to cook a great dinner

Couple with complimentary cooking techniques

Young mom cooks traditional Mexican Moya dish

The Morning Blend TV Show